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This occurred to me while I was drawing 90’s stuck.

I legit had those pants.  So did my dad and brother.  Somewhere there is a picture of the three of us wearing them, doing high kicks. 

Awwww yeah, badasses all. 

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You. are. enough. You are ENOUGH. You are so enough you can’t even fathom it at this point. I love you. You are divinity, divinity in motion. Decide right now to be all that the entire Universe created you to be. You have nothing to prove. You are the most beautiful thing that’s ever been created. You are so infinite. I cannot even begin to articulate the love that exists inside you. You are not your past. You are not your conditioning. I know it’s been hard, but you’re not that. You matter.

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in french we don’t say “i love you”, we say “vous recevez une heure supplémentaire dans la piscine à balles” which roughly translates to “you are my sun, my stars, my everything” and i think that’s beautiful

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Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest VI

Here are the top 10! If your image isn’t here, please don’t feel discouraged… There were lots to choose from!

The only way your vote will count, is if it is a response to the question below. Reblogs and Messages do not count! It is very helpful for me to tally the votes if you just copy an paste the image’s caption!

Voting ends 07/19/2014

Which image should be the winner of the Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest?

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Told him to get off the top of the car, he did this

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welcome to dencon. on your birthday you get an extra hour in the pit.

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I don’t even want a relationship I just want someone to cuddle and hold hands and hug me and then let me do my thing when I want to.

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Awesome photoshoot today! Always fun to get out and do something in the summer that isn’t a convention or a wedding!

oh my goodness, nick did such a good job! this was a lot of fun and i’m so glad he was able to do these pictures for me. they turned out so beautiful. <3

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It’s EDC Weekend! Are you having as much fun this weekend as the kernels in our MicroRave?

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Jake, border collie, Brisbane Australia.

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